Friday, February 9, 2007

Magnavox: Lovemark

I'll never forget it -- Magnavox was the first TV brand that was purchased at our house. Their logo has change slightly over the year to maintain its name. However, they've added color to make it more attractive and added the words Smart. Very smart to be be a part of it "trusted name". Their tv's are not as heavy and bulky as the first ones. That is certainly appealing to the need and preferances of the consumers. At this point, I don't think a total name change would benefit Magnavox. On the contrary, would provide a negative effect. The name cannot be confused with any other brand.

Over time, consumer expectations, needs and desire shift and mandate new business rules and production of new products while seeking and gaining consumer trust and loyalty. Magnavox having introduced the first video game (Odyssey) then later Warcraft wanted to capture a younger audience. In this attempt, they managed to get two for one -- these games created an opportunity to meet the need for fantasy – for teens and adults. This device allowed people to interact more with other players which heightened the fantasy. Flying on the backs of a high flying bird truly would satisfy "need for fantasy".
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Saturday, February 3, 2007

This nonverbal signage certainly catches your eye. No color and not the most attractive sign. This is one of the signs that causes the mind to continue to wonder for the next two miles down the road. Somewhere along the journey, the thought to get off at the next exit to go back to get another look at this thing may be entertained.

This is certainly a metaphor of seed time; and harvest time. This photo was taken some where in Tennesee. Certainly is the early fall -- leaves are turning beautifully; crisp blue sky -- it almost makes the air in this room seem outdoor mountain fresh. Representative of harvest is the harvested rolls of hay beneath the trees.
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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Emotional Design Blog

This photo is a virtual creation designed to explore the complex relation of the human brain with perceptual, emotional and cognitive mechanisms. This is avirtual creation of a constantly changing dynamic of a virtual world. The was part of an experimental project based on real-time analysis and interpretation of biophysical signals which are considered essential in interaction in a virtual environment. The emotional response of the participant becomes a key element of outcomes.

Clocks were partly designed for the time conscience. Notice the three different disigns...from left to right. The first one does not tell the client whether it's 5:06 am or pm. Although it may be important to some of us. The clock in the middle requires less effort to learn the exact hour and minute. It' is clearly displayed. Not only that, if it matters, am and pm is displayed at the appropriatly. The third clock, well requires a bit more. It's possible that it gives the different times from different regions of the world/country. This one would have to be studied more closely to find that out.

The time spent in food preparation and cleanup is the part a chef's life that is not very apealing to me. Displayed are three vegetable peelers. Ones like the first two are propably in every other kitchen drawer in America. The one to the far right, the slick one, would attract me to try it out. If I was in the market for a peeler, I'd purchase that one over the other two because of its attractiveness and it appears to have a protective edge on it to protect from scraped knuckles.

This photo is just adorable by design. A real live teddy bear, perfectly designed by God. This is a 1 1/2 month old panda bear born in captivity.

Finally, this photo of an expresso machine. It is definitely an eye catcher and conversation piece. It doesn't look very user friendly, however, it attractive to set on the bar. I don't like expresso, but I would consider purchasing it

Monday, January 15, 2007


This is a test blog. This is a photo a gentleman relaxing in Barbados. I enjoy the beach and mountains. I am planning a trip to the Islands for summer 2007.

One new skill that I want to get out of this course is relative placement of photos.

(Below) This photo depicts me in the roles as sister, friend, aunt. I enjoy it and comes' with its own set of challenges. I hope that I will have other more exciting details later. This is my first experience with creating blogs.